Our company was established in 1998 named as 'Török Bt.' formed from a group working together since 1992 in design and implementing in building technology. Automation and electrical mounting construction is our main activity supplemented with the experience gained in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

In 2005 the firm was renamed to 'Tematik Kft.' which is our current name, but it is operating with the same team and is in the same ownership. Our residence - located in Sárkeresztúri út - was purchased in 2010, and after finishing the rear building, we moved in in the same year. Currently the front building is under construction, therefore in the near future our clients can see and try our best works in a brand new showroom.

Our working method

Our firm is a group of people used to a technically skilled and coordinated working style. Planning, developing, building of automation and power distribution units and system installing are made by our team every time, although during bigger investments, the local mounting (cabling, installing of ducts and pipelines) are made by our tried out subcontractors. Due to this structure the smaller and bigger implementations can be made effectively.

Our strength

During construction one of the most difficult things is synchronizing the electrical and mechanical works. The borders are not so clear like in other professions. There are overlaps in many cases, but the worst thing is when a missing link makes uncalculated additional costs. Our company is the strongest in connecting the common parts of electrical and building controlling works.

Building controlling and the associated automations are increasingly complicated. Due to using of renewable energy sources, the modes of heating, cooling and fan systems depend on thrifting points, which need to be considered during making the plans. For problem free operations this kind of complicated system has to be simple and understandable for the user. We cooperate with the mechanical designer from the beginning or we do it ourselves. We take into consideration the whole system and do not make controlling "islands".