Energy saving controlling of mechanical systems of industrial halls

The heat demands of the production process is different depending on the technology, but the comfort need for the employees is consistent and written in laws. Ensuring these two requirements often leads to enegry wasting solutions due to lack of careful consideration or separated controlling of production and building operations. It is the owner's interest to keep expenses low, but lower energy consumption has a good influence for the environmental judgement of the company.


Support of building operations and implementing controlling systems

Operating a facility is a complex professional and economical challenge. An extended sized mechanical and electrical system can run safely using a well implemented automation and controlling system even with a low manpower. Following the variable demands, significant amount of money can be saved for the operator. The system gives accurate and logged error messages for quick maintenance.


Planning and implementing automation for electrical supplies and switches

For many kind of facilites there are laws for uninterruptable power supplies, but in some cases technology demands it. The bigger the performance the more complicated to ensure the supply. For low consumpting apparatuses a power supply with one accumulator can be enough, but a shopping center or a sport stadium can not be completely supplied by a generator due to their irreal high investment costs. Making the optimal solution is essential. These costs can stay low with good survey and planning beside keeping safety.



Automation of grain dryers and cleaning systems

Today's modern grain cleaning, drying and storing can not be working without modern automation especially can not bear the peak of a harvest. Distruption free operation is provided by protecting the transport system, exchanging the latch conditions and picking the right mode easily. A big malfunction can cause a serious outage during the harvest. This loss can be much bigger than the cost of the right automation.

Measuring level and temperature, and remote monitoring of silos