The condition of a cost-efficient realization is that the mechanic and the designer of the automation should work together. Planning the automation for the mechanic system and the controlling separately is a typical mistake which can not be made. The next step is synchronizing the communication of the single devices, which usually increase expenses. One controlling system which operate every device can be significantly cheaper and easier to handle. In this case there is no need for automation of mechanical devices.

The mechanic and the designer of automation should define modes and controlling tasks together. Scaling of pipelines, air ducts, jalousies, pumps and fans needs to be done by the mechanic of course, although choosing the sensors and control devices is the job of the autoamtion designer.

Fire alarm is strictly connected to power cut of strong current and the heat and smoke sinking system. Control between these systems is essential and planning is the part of the building controlling system.

Not forming the designing of the building controlling system

  • informatic and communication system of a hotel
  • access control system of hotel or park house
  • security devices of a building (alarm, CCTV)
  • fire alarm and evacuational sound system (except HVR control)
  • local floodlight of rooms and apartments
  • built-in automation of electric signs and screens
  • individual wellness devices, saunas and water recirculating (except control of heating supplies)